Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sewing Hiatus

My first garment made from scratch (pattern as well) went ok. I made a funny snaffoo putting in the invisible zipper backwards - not exactly invisible, but it looked ok, so I left it. It was a princess line shirtdress of sorts, I obviously need to learn how to do collars..... but the construction of the body of the garment worked well and it fit me. I need to take a bit more out of the center front when I do closures on future garments, but I've got an excellent start.

I have, though, taken a small hiatus from sewing to learn to knit. I never quite had the patience before and I was always trying the "throwing" method because that's the most popular here in the states.... but it's for the birds. "Continental" makes so much more sense and I watched a youtube video where a lady said that when they taught knitting to crocheters, they always teach this method.

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