Monday, September 12, 2011

How in the WORLD did it get to be September?!

So... I knew I was busy, but MAY? REALLY?  This was going to be the year I began blogging!  Apparently I'm too busy for that! 

So, this is the first season Mom has ever had an employee and we weren't quite sure what kind of workload to take to keep us both sewing, but this is just plain ridiculous!  I think with the economy being what it is, more people are inclined to get things they have fixed rather than buy new.  On top of that, the bridal industry has just gotten so out of control and we are drowning in bridal gowns right now... something about 9/10/11 and then 11/11/11 for dates this year...

In totally selfish news, I went to SR HARRIS!!  Its a fabric outlet in Mpls, MN and since Mom hates a fair amount of my clothes, the shop bought me fabric for clothing to wear to work.  I'm currently working on a jeans pattern  to make it fit me a little better (they lied when the said bootcut, it's more of a trouser...) and as soon as I can figure out how to make a dressform actually resemble my shape, I have a bunch of knit fabric for making layering tanks (that actually fit cuz I have the longest torso ever and G cup girls).