Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tricks and something I found today...

So here's a seam ripping tool we use all the time.  It is a scalpel available at any farm store.  They are disposable and so worth it.  Much easier to handle than a razor blade, which is what they had us using at David's bridal.  Here I'm removing the trim from a lace dress so we can hem the dress.

And here's something I found last night (I used the word today in my title very loosely... as in the last 24 hours...)

This is a pattern making site and they have software available, but they also give instructions for drafting the old fashioned way.  I am reading about Peter's Jeans Sew Along and Tailor Taylor talked about drafting his own pattern and it got me thinking.  I hate my jeans and they are the best fitting I've found so far, but I just continually have the pesky problem of either finding things with such a HIGH rise in them that it reminds me of the mom jeans SNL skit, "because you're no longer a woman" ~OR~ such a SHORT rise that I get plummer crack (HIGHLY EMBARRASING!!)

Anyway, here's some examples of things from the website:

Complete with detailed drafting instructions and then pages later for turning this into a jeans pattern (or other types of pants if preferred...  Love it.  I'm feeling a project coming on!! (Like I don't have enough of those going already!!)

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