Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deal of the century/best $45 I've spent on sewing....

I've been looking for good reference books to learn from since my mom, who's been a professional alterations seamstress for 25 years, lives in Minnesota (and I'm in Georgia). I've read TONZ of reviews on amazon on different books and the only thing "bad" that people have had to say about Singer Sewing Reference Library books is that they are being re-published without the Singer name on them so some people have bought the same book twice without realizing it. So I googled SSRLibrary, and I found an auction on ebay with 10 of the books!!


I started this blog like a month ago and forgot about it. Since writing this I've received and read most of the books. I am in LOVE with the Singer Sewing Reference Library! The pictures of the techniques are phenominal and they have explained things better than any other tutorial I've seen anywhere for free. The only thing wrong with them is that some of the clothing in the pictures are a little outdated, but for the demonstrations they seem to have picked classic pieces that transcend the current fads. I've already gone to these books several times for the items I am currently working on. Nothing completed yet, so I'm not confident enough to plaster pictures all over, but down the road you may see tutorials..........

SO excited about the SSRL books!!!

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