Friday, August 21, 2009

Successful so far....

I've accomplished a couple of successful things. First, I was able to take my measurements and draft my first princess style sloper based on a design in the Ladies Cutting book. How I did it was rather genious, I thought. I bought graph paper and since the squares are 1/4 of an inch, I drew the pattern using the squares as square inches. Then I went to Kinko's and blew up the page by 400%. It cost me $2.65 to blow it up and so I figure I'll be ahead of the game if I can draw out my designs and print them for $3.00 considering most patterns are $15.00. I have not actually made anything yet, I did cut out some fabric (muslin) and pinned it, made changes to the paper pattern and came out with revisions. I have not cut out the revised version yet, but I did tape together the paper pattern and it seemed to hug my body like a sloper should. I've been too busy to get any further with this project, but when I do get the revision pattern blown up and cut out, etc... I will try and take pictures and post them.

In the mean time, I've found, which has some good ideas on it - the language is far simpler than the 2 books I posted, and it doesn't seem as comprehensive either. However, gathering resources is invaluable.

Here's a bra making diagram from

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